Bhishma Pitamah – Motivational Life Stories of The Man who got laid down on the death Bed of Arrows

Bhishma Pitamah – Motivational Life Stories of The Man who got laid down on the death Bed of Arrows
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Gangaputra Devavrata Bhishma, he was the warrior who served Hastinapura as a servant and a rescuer of the Hastinapura. Bhishma was commonly referred as the Mahamahim Bhishma of the Hastinapura. Bhishma always took the side of the truth but he was bound by his duties towards Hastinapura that led to his death.

Here are some stories about Bhishma, the legend.

1Birth Story and History Behind

It all started with the eight Vasus, one of them was Prabhasa who stole the magical cow, Kamdhenu from Vashishta’s ashram and he was cursed to be born as a human who in the next birth was born as Bhishma. He was cursed to endure a longer life on earth.


Bhishma was born as the son of Ganga and Shantanu. Subsequently, before Bhishma, Ganga and Shantanu together produced seven other children too but Ganga took them away but at the time of Bhishma, Shantanu stopped Ganga from doing so. Ganga promised Shantanu that his son will return to him.


After Devavrata was born. Ganga took him to different realms where he was brought up and trained by many teachers like Parashuram, Shukracharya, Vashishta, Markandeya and others. under every Guru, Bhishma gained knowledge and the art of war.

4Bhishma’s Oath

It was known as the Bhishma Pratigya. Devavrata took the oath that he will not marry in his entire lifetime and that he will only be a servant to the throne of Hastinapura and will serve his father, Shantanu’s son. It was described as the most terrible oath that Devavrata had taken.

5Control over Death

Bhishma was granted the boon where Bhishma could control his death as he was free to chose his time of death. Bhishma was granted the boon of ichcha mrityu, thus making him immortal until his time of death chosen by him.

6Abduction of Princess

Bhishma abducted three princess named as Amba, Ambika and Ambalika from their Swayamvara for Hastinapura. Amba was in love with a prince but he was beaten up by Bhishma but upon knowing, Bhishma sent her back and then Amba too was unacceptable by the prince she returned back to Bhishma.

7Amba’s Revenge

Amba came back to Hastinapura carrying her aim to marry Bhishma but got rejected when Bhishma told her that he will not marry in his entire lifetime. Amba sets out for a revenge at Bhishma and approached Parashuram, Bhishma’s warrior Guru. They both fought for twenty three days and no one emerged as a winner.

8Taking the sides of Kauravas

Bhishma knew well that the Kauravas are wrong but he still supported him in the war just because of the oath he had taken in the past to serve whosoever will be the king on the throne. Bhishma’s life revolved around the oath he had taken and thus supported the Kauravas.

9The Bed of Arrows

In the Kurukshetra war when the Pandavas and the Kauravas were fighting against each other, it was Bhishma who protected the Kauravas clan hard. The day came when Bhishma had a fight with Arjuna and he was laid down on the bed of arrows by Arjuna. Bhishma did it knowingly.

10The Legend

Bhishma was the legendary character in the Mahabharata. On his death bed, he gave deep and meaningful instructions to Yudhishthira on duties of king. On the fifty eight night, on his death bed, Bhishma ended his life.

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