Bhima – Motivational Life Stories of the Most Powerful and Unbeatable Warrior from Mahabharata

Bhima – Motivational Life Stories of the Most Powerful and Unbeatable Warrior from Mahabharata
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The Second Pandava in the Mahabharata and the most ferocious warrior who was responsible for slaying down all the hundred Kauravas in the Kurukshetra war and became the most feared warrior. Not only Hundred Kauravas, Bhima also took down many demons who came in his way. He was known as the mighty warrior of Mahabharata.

Here are some stories about him.

1Birth Story

Since Kunti and Pandu were unable to conceive any child of their from natural way, Kunti instead the way given to her in the form of boon where she can ask gods to bestow their grace on her, hence Kunti invoke the God of Wind, Vayu and Bhima was born.

2Moving to Hastinapura

After the death of Pandu, Kunti along with her sons moved back to Hastinapura where the Pandavas and the Kauravas got engaged in word battle which rose a hatred amongst Duryodhana and Bhima. Their fights were sometimes even extensive where Bhima often took down Duryodhana.

3Killing Plot of Bhima

Duryodhana was so angered by Bhima that he wanted him dead at any cost and for this, he taken the help of Shakuni, his maternal uncle who poisoned Bhima and threw him into the river Ganga. Duryodhana was almost successful in his cunning plot to kill Bhima.

4Meeting Naga King

After Bhima drowned in the river Ganga, he was survived by the Naga king Vasuki who saved him from the poison and given him a new life. Also he was given the powers of ten thousand elephants which gave him immense power and he returned more powerful.

5The Master of Mace

Under the teaching of Guru Dronacharya, Bhima whose strength was his inner power and the master of mace had learned the newest of techniques. He became wrathful and even more stronger than before. Mace was his weapon he always kept it by his side.

6Battle with Duryodhana

Twelve years later, when the Pandavas and the Kauravas returned to Hastinapura and were asked to demonstrate their powers and the techniques they learnt under Guru Dronacharya, there Bhima and Duryodhana got engaged into a serious battle and Bhima hit Duryodhana hard until stopped.

7Escaping Varnavrata

Duryodhana played yet another conspiracy to kill Pandavas and designed a palace in talks with his counselor, Purochana who in turned made a palace of lac palace. But at the very moment they all escaped the fire but Bhima killed Purochana by setting fire to his house.

8Killing Jarasandha

Yudhishthira wanted to perform the Rajasuya in order to become the most powerful king and for that it was necessary that every there king should be under him but Jarasandha was against this and especially Krishna who made Bhima fight with Jarasandha. Bhima tore him into two pieces and won the war.

9Sworn to kill the Hundred Kauravas

After the humiliation of Draupadi in tha Hastinapura assembly, when Duryodhana, Shakuni and all other kauravas were smiling, Bhima was the one who stood up and swear over there that if the war happened, he will kill all the hundred kauravas with his own hands and he did the same.

10The Mighty Warrior

Bhima in the ancient epic Mahabharata is considered as a mighty warrior. The one who spared no one in his anger but loved his family equally. Bhima, the warrior who had the immense power.

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