American Hotelier and Actor Vikram Chatwal’s Secret to Success

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Everyone follows his / her own beliefs. Whether we become successful or get fail but we generally try to find our own path.

Vikram Chatwal is a famous American Hotelier and Actor. With his hard work and talent he has taken his venture to greater heights. Though we also find his name sometime in controversies but one thing which no one can deny is the scale which he has achieved for his business.

During one of the interview with, Vikrat Chatwal shared his manta for Success.

I do not concentrate heavily on food and beverage. My skills are in the hotel and design field, and in overall creation. The success has to come from someone who knows how to adjust if the first concept fails.

We went through two incarnations with the restaurants in Dream Downtown and have also had to do that with other restaurants and hotels. Knowing what to do when things go wrong is the key to the food and beverage element, even though hotels in Manhattan always get that great push from the market. With restaurants, there is so much more competition, so you have to be ready to move forward if things go wrong.

There is also a certain lifecycle. You have to be very innovative in that field, because you can be the hottest restaurant one week and then a few restaurants open up and you are not anymore. Innovation in restaurants is important. If you can come up with new concepts quicker and better than others, you are ahead of the game.

Hope people will get benefited from the path as Vikram explained.

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