Alexander The Great’s Short Life Stories – King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom

Alexander The Great's Short Life Stories – King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom
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King of Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead Dynasty. He was the king who succeeded his father at the age of twenty and took the throne and then came his ruling years and from Greece to Northwestern India, Alexander The Great built one of the largest empires of the ancient world. Alexander was undefeated in battle and in History, he was the most successful military commanders.

Here are some short stories of him.

Legendary Story

Several legend surround Alexander’s birth story. One is that at the time Alexander birth, his Mother dreamed that her womb had been struck by a thunder bolt while his father had seen securing his wife’s womb with a seal engraved with a Lion’s image.

The birth of Alexander

Another legend story states that on his birth, one of the seven wonders of the world, The Temple of Artemis was burnt down and it happened because Artemis was away and busy attending the birth of Alexander.


Alexander’s father, Philips chose Aristotle as Alexander’s tutor and his education began at Temple of the Nymphs as his classroom. Alexander learned about medicine, philosophy, morals, religion and other things through Aristotle.

Alexander The Great's Short Life Stories – King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom
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Alexander’s first step

After Alexander’s education came to an end, His father Philips had been out for a war and left Alexander in charge and during the period, a revolt was born against Macedon by Thracian Maedi and in return, Alexander drove them out from their territory.

Return of Alexander

After Philips returned, he married another woman and this Alexander position less secure as a heir and he left the kingdom along with his mother and lived in exile but Philips never wanted to disown his son and hence brought him back with the efforts of a family friend.

The King

After Philips was assassinated by his bodyguards, it all came on Alexander and the whole kingdom of Macedon. Alexander was just twenty when it all happened and he was the proclaimed king on the spot by the nobles and the army.

Alexander The Great's Short Life Stories – King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom
Pic: History of Macedonia


After Alexander came to power and then he was proclaimed king, he took severe steps. He started eliminating all his potential rivals to the throne and also he didn’t spared his cousins. He executed them.


Alexander emerged as a victor in all the wars. The enemies who have revolted against have been defeated and killed. Alexander rose as a king who was undefeated in every battle. Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt and others were conquered by Alexander marking his victory all over.

The End Time

Alexander’s death has versions. One version states that in his last years, Alexander developed a fever and it got worse. The time came when Alexander was unable to speak and his health was getting down day by day and died after some agony.

Alexander The Great's Short Life Stories – King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom
Pic: History


There are many stories and version of Alexander one can found but what remains that he was most undefeated ruler. His body was laid in a gold anthropoid that was filled with honey. His body was a symbol of legitimacy.

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