10 Life Stories about R.K. Laxman – Indian Cartoonist with Great Sense of Humor

10 Life Stories about R.K. Laxman – Indian Cartoonist with Great Sense of Humor
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R.K. Laxman – full name, Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Laxman, the man is now no more amongst us. He was the man who gave us best sense of humor and cartoons, the great illustrator. Through his cartoons, he showed the lives and the pain of common man with an addition of humor in it. He was the best cartoonist we have ever had.

Here are some things to know about R.K. Laxman.

1R.K. Laxman’s Childhood

R.K. Laxman was born in Mysore in Iyer family. His early childhood was more into illustrations in magazine before he even begun to read. R.K. Laxman as a child was more into drawings and paintings and that gave him satisfaction.

2An Artist in the Making

R.K. Laxman used to draw on walls, on floors and doors of his house in fact even in school he used to continue with the same. He also once got praised by his teacher after which he believed that he was the artist in making.


R.K. Laxman’s father had suffered a paralytic stroke and died a year later. The family had an major effect and R.K. Laxman came in sudden depression after which responsibilities were taken by elders and Laxman continued his schooling.

4Graduation and Freelancing

R.K. Laxman applied in Bombay at J.J. School of art with the purpose to pursue his passion of drawing and painting but got rejected since his drawings lacked the kind of talent the school needed. He later did his graduation from University of Mysore and also did freelancing work of his artistic activities.

5Beginning of Career

He began his earliest work for newspapers like Swarajya and Blitz and also illustrated his elder brother R.K. Narayan’s stories in The Hindu. He also drew political cartoons for newspapers and later started humor in his cartoons like satirical articles and humorous cartoons.

6The Common Man

R.K. Laxman created the common man. The interesting story behind this was that he had seen variety in Indians and from all over therefore he decided to create a particular character. It came out as a mythical character with stripped coat, Busy moustache, bald head and a white wisp of hair and other features. The common man represented stand for all Indians.

7Emergency Period

Indira Gandhi once met R.K. Laxman and told him that he should not make cartoons and that too during the emergency period but R.K. Laxman told her that it’s a cartoon and a cartoon has to be an art of insult and ridicule.  


As Per R.K. Laxman, HD Devegowda gave him a lot of ideas to create new things. He used to fall asleep all the time and this gave R.K. Laxman a lot of opportunity. Another case was with Morarji Desai who gave him a lot of ideas after he didn’t liked his ideas.

9Case and release

R.K. Laxman got arrested on his cartoons that were seemed insulting to the opposition party but however people came to took his autographs proving that they liked his cartoons. Later R.K. Laxman got released on grounds of not being guilty.

10R.K. Laxman and the Common Man

R.K. Laxman designed the common man and presented it as the main who represented India and is moving on in every difficulty and every situation, also R.K. Laxman proved that Indians have the best sense of humor and is capable of doing anything.

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