10 Life Stories about Jackie Chan – The Man of Action Films and The Martial Artist

10 Life Stories about Jackie Chan – The Man of Action Films and The Martial Artist
Pic: Wikimedia

The Actor, Film Maker, Hong Kong martial artist, Stuntman and if we move over, there are other qualities in this one man that combines to form Jackie Chan. Mostly, in each of his films we have seen him  as a brilliant actor who has a perfect comedy timing and action is just speechless. Jackie Chan is a widely popular personality.

Here are some interesting things to know about him.

1Jackie Chan – Early Life

Jackie Chan was born in British Hong Kong. His parents were the refugees from the Chinese Civil War. Jackie Chan’s childhood was spent as an energetic child who always used to roll around. He was nick named as Pao-pao.

2Education and China Drama Academy

Jackie Chan failed in his first year and after which his parents withdrew his name from the school. Afterwards, Jackie Chan was sent to China Drama Academy where he learned martial arts and acrobatics.

3Stepping into Films

He started working at an early age as an child actor. Did many small roles in many Chinese films. He also worked as an stuntman in Bruce Lee Films like Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon. Jackie Chan had started working as a regular stuntman.

4Commercial Failures

There came a time when the films that Jackie Chan was doing became commercial failures. He was disappointed as he was unable to find work as an stuntman anymore. He later started working adult films where in one of the films, he appeared nude.

5The Name – Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan also worked as a construction worker and worked under a fellow builder named as Jack and he earned the name of little jack and later he came up with the name Jackie Chan and since then he is stuck with the name.

6Getting into Films

Jackie Chan received a call from a producer in the Hong Kong Film Industry after the producer had seen his stunt work and was completely impressed by him. Jackie Chan got an opportunity to show his stunts back and was given complete freedom over his stunt work. He got his major break through the film, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow.

7Action Comedy Genre

Jackie Chan became the first ever actor to introduce the action comedy genre in his films. he started producing a number of action comedy films which led a great success to Jackie Chan’s films. It also led to the success in the action comedy genre.

8Way to Hollywood

Jackie Chan produced a number of films which were already a great success and later Jackie Chan partnered with a Hollywood producer and gave super hit films like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon but soon broke the tie as for him, there was always a control over the film making process.


Jackie Chan started his own production company and started making films under the banner JCE Movies Limited. Those films which Jackie Chan made under his production house has got more number of dramatic scenes and sequences.

10The Success of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has given his audience a full on entertainment through his films and still growing as a global icon in each aspect of the cinema. Jackie Chan has also won many big awards for his contribution in Cinema.

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