10 Life Stories about Arjuna – The greatest archer and the warrior of the Mahabharata Epic

10 Life Stories about Arjuna - The greatest archer and the warrior of the Mahabharata Epic
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The main protagonist of ancient Indian epic called Mahabharata. The warrior who received the truth of Gita from none other than Sri Krishna. Arjuna is described as a warrior who at the time of war had closed down all his relations and fought like never before. He was the favorite of Krishna.

Here are some short stories about him.

1Birth as a Pandava

Arjuna was born to Kunti and Pandu and God Indra’s grace was on him. Arjuna belong to the royal family of Hastinapura. After the death of his father Pandu, Arjuna along with his brothers moved to Hastinapura with their mother and lived under Bhishma’s shadow.


Bhishma decided to send the kauravas and the Pandava’s to Guru Dronacharya for studies on a long period of twelve years. There Arjuna gradually became Dronacharya’s favorite pupil and Dronacharya wanted him to be emerged as the best archer in the world.

3Skilled Warrior

Arjuna under the teachings of Dronacharya became an skilled warrior and a warrior who has mastery in archery. Dronacharya was proud to see Arjuna performing good at the main event of the Hastinapura after twelve long years.

4House of Wax

When Arjuna’s elder brother was nominated as the new king for Hastinapura, Duryodhana felt insecure and he plotted a crime against them by sending the family into the house of wax. It was Arjuna who discovered that the whole palace is built with wax and can burn any moment. He alerted the whole family and helped in escape.

5Draupadi’s Marriage   

After the house of wax case, Arjuna and others disguised themselves as Brahmins who wandered in the forests where they helped with the news that Panchala’s daughter, Draupadi was getting married and only the person could win her who can shot the fish eye with exact accuracy. Arjuna did it and won the hand of Draupadi.

6Making of Indraprastha

An split occurred between the brothers and the decision was taken that the Pandava’s should be sent to Khandav van, a ruined place. Arjuna with the help of Krishna over there fought war with the nagas, the residents over there and then with the help of Mayasura, transformed Khandav van into Indraprastha, named after the God Indra.

7Arjuna’s period of Exile

It was said that after Draupadi was distributed amongst the five brothers and she would spent one year with each of her husband. But one incident happened where Arjuna without permission entered into Draupadi’s room when she with Yudhishthira and this led to Arjuna’s exile for a year.

8Marriage with Subhadra

During the period of exile, Arjuna spent a year in Dwarka where he met Subhadra and as per Krishna’s plan, they both escaped from Dwarka leaving Duryodhana in haze as he was all set to marry Subhadra. Arjuna bought her home to live with him.

9Declaration of the War

After Draupadi was being insulted in Hastinapura by Duryodhana and Karna, Arjuna vowed revenge and sweared to finish all the kuru clan including Karna who said abusing words to Draupadi. A declaration of the war had been made by the Arjuna.

10Bhagvad Gita

Arjuna was terrified to see his own family in the battlefield and feared to kill them. It was then when Sri Krishna showed Arjuna his real side and helped him with the truth and knowledge of Bhagvad Gita. After learning, Arjuna fought the Mahabharata war and emerged as a winner.

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