10 Life Stories about American President Donald Trump

10 Life Stories about American President Donald Trump
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Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States and then he is an American Businessman and Television personality. Donald Trump is a biggie who has a Trump Tower. Business of family’s real estate and construction firms, under the name Trump Organization. He is now handling the biggest post, as a President.

Here are some things to know about him.

1Early Life of Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born in the Jamaica neighborhood of the Queens, New York City, at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. Trump’s elder brother died from alcohol which led Trump to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes.

2Family and History

Donald Trump’s father was a real estate developer of the New York City and his mother worked as maid in New York. After they got married, they raised their family in Queens. His Uncle, John G. Trump who helped designed X-ray machines that prolonged the lives of cancer patients.


Donald Trump did his schooling at the Kew Forest School but left the school at an early age and the he was enrolled in the New York Military Academy and from there he completed his high school. He also attended the rank of a captain during his senior year.

4Donald Trump’s Marriages

Donald Trump has done three marriages. His first marriage was with a model and they together had three children’s. His second marriage was with actress Marla Maples and from this marriage, Trump had a daughter, Tiffany. Trump’s latest relation is with Melenia, his present wife and have a son, Barron Trump.

5Donald Trump Foundation

The Donald J. Trump foundation is a U.S. based private foundation. The foundation funds have mostly come from donors who have not given funds personally to the charity but the private foundation was against the laws of New York and later ceased.

6Law Suits

Donald Trump had faces several law suits in some or the other case. Trump and his business had been involved in over a number of numerous cases, whether it be casino industry and other legal cases. Trump was even sued by State and City of New York for trying to force out tenants.

7Real Estate Operations

Donald Trump took over his family business of Real Estate Firm and renamed it as Trump Organization and from carrying out real estate operations, the business got diversified into other business activities which later became the Umbrella Organization under which existed several businesses and partnerships.


Donald Trump ran for the 45th President of the United States against his competitor, Hillary Clinton and won the race for the President-Elect of the United States. In his first week of Presidency, Trump also signed six executive orders.

9Immigration Order

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that suspended admission of refugees in the country and also denied the citizens of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Sudan for about ninety days. The step was taken to counter terrorism.

10The Oldest and Wealthiest Person

Donald Trump is the oldest and the wealthiest person to take over the Presidency. Donald Trump’s victory was a surprise victory.

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